Base Price for a Saddle is $3700


Included Is:

Any size or style of tree

Hermann Oak Leather

Bark Tanned Sheepskin

Bronze or stainless steel hardware

Latigo or mulehide hornwrap

"Beaded" roll or "Cheyenne" roll on cantle

Plain galvanized bound oak stirrups with leather tread

Front and rear cinch

All leather conchas

Completely oiled and ready to ride


Complete basket weave or geometric stamping


Partial basket weave or geometric stamping


Full or partial flower carving

Call to discuss price

Simple border tooling


Meander border (San Carlos)


Full inskirt rigging


Flat plate rigging


Full padded seat


Small inlaid seat


Rawhide covered stirrups


Leather covered stirrups


Brass or Monel Moran stirrups

Call for price

50% deposit is required on all saddle orders. Remainder to be paid before saddle is shipped